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In honor of the opening of the store I’m doing a giveaway!
There will be three winners who win one of each of these two stickers. Each reblog counts as one entry, you can reblog up to three times. Good luck! Winners will be chosen on August 1st. 



Anonymous said: Ilysm


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July 21st, LA

best/funniest tweets from 1d?

im making stickers, haha

so far i only have the smelly pasta house liam one lols

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One Direction WWA Tour Tickets For Sale

(and before anyone asks, i have other tickets for myself and my sister that we’re using for the tour, i just have a few extras haha. im still a 1d fan!!) 

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Anonymous said: You are Elounor S. or Larry S.?

does this just mean what i ship? if ya then larry duh

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Anonymous said: Larry BROmance or ROmance?


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