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fanfic recs!

please rec me some fic because i haven’t read fic in sooo so so long and i need some for tonight, preferably a LONG one and mainly larry but side others are okay too and ao3 please


i KNOW more fics have been written since and im in the moooood

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larry: [mia for days] [show up in london at the same time]
me: nice

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tell us what happened in wellington and i’ll buy ur weak ass song  

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who saw the movie today and how did you like it?!

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Anonymous said: I remember it was the ending of my freshmen year (ima senior now) & my friend had a pic of zayn & was like fml who is that sexy piece of ass so I googled him & found out he was in 1d. I looked up their music & found wmyb & I absolutely despised it lol but then I kept hearing it on the radio after they performed for kca & I couldn't get enough of that song So I looked up every interview and fell in love. I was so obsessed with wmyb that when I had track races, I would sing it while running

haha i can just imagine seeing a crazy girl running and singing wmyb 

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mako-nipples said: So , basically . I joined the fandom by accident. 2 years ago.I kept seeing posts on facebook saying shit like 'stop saying Louis and Harry are gay it's ruining their lives!1" and being the little shit i was , I kept saying shit like 'louis and harry r gay larry 4 life' . U know to troll them or whatver then out of fucking nowhere I learned everybody's names, the words to the song and made a fan account for them. i didnt mean for this to happen i didnt think it would go this far.

hahahhah thats actually so funny

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ohmygodlukehemmings said: i remember i was that annoying person that was like "ew no i won't like this boy band what the heck" but one night in like november 2012 i was like "what r they even like" so i looked up an interview and i was like "um…okay…so they aren't THAT bad" and then i clicked on the next video and it was little things live on a talk show and after i clicked on that i was long gone as u can imagine. now i basically have the video diaries memorized.

OH GAWD the video diaries stop

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skelloutons said: i used 2 hate one direction.. like this crazy bitch even slapped me bc i said i didnt care abt liam's birthday, but i looked them up and watched funny moments and that's when my life went to absolute garbage consisting of cashing out thousands of dollars to see them on stage asking about the other halves of hotdogs

she slapped you?! damn thats kind of rude haha

and ya wtf why aren’t things free 

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Anonymous said: i wasnt actually like a full 1d fan until i found out about larry tbh... thats when i created my first ever tumblr

same !!! i made my side blog once i saw all that larry stuff 

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hazzasloubear said: ohkay so my friend had told me about them in like march 2011 and told me their names and i said i like the curly one but i just kind of brushed her off bc i was really into books. i have a really obsessive personality and i used to just jump from obsession to obsession. that was my book obsession period lol. but then on aug 13 we were going to a concert (nick jonas lol) and she made me listen to wmyb and then i went home and watched everything and listen to everything and i was a goner

were you a jonas brothers fan?? can we make a fan club for kids who were obsessed with jonas brothers and are now obsessed with 1d??? BECAUSE THAT SHOULD BE A THING

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julieprudhomme said: How did I get into 1D you ask? WELL. Funny story: Up until end of November 2012, I actually HATED them with a PASSION. Ask any of my friends and they will tell you how much I could not stand WMYB. Long story short: I was classically conditioned to like 1D. My friends PHYSICALLY forced me to watch the Little Things mv on a loop for 45 MINUTES. Yes, I could NOT move AND my eyes were forced opened for the first few minutes. Yep. This is a true story... sadly. haha

oh GOD thats is the worst kind of torture on so many levels… 

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niallers-irish-heart said: I absolutely hated one direction because I was a huge fan of Justin Bieber and this girl who was also a fan completely ditched Justin for 1D so I was really mad and then when they were on the kid's choice awards was the first time I really looked at them and heard them and I was remember looking at all their faces and trying to find which one I thought was cutest then I just kinda became obsessed

dude i hated 1d too but not bc of jbiebz, because of JEDWARD HOW FUNNY when 1d were first on xfactor all the 1d fans said that jedward sucked and i looooved them (still do!!) so i was like super turned off bc of their shitty fans at the time. i hadn’t even seen a picture of 1d but i just decided i hated them bc it seemed like all their fans were assholes haha 

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Anonymous said: Is it sad I don't remember when I got into 1D? All I know is I started blogging about them around May 2012.

eh it probs just happened gradually haha for a lot of people its like “omg i heard a song or saw a picture then went home and hibernated for three weeks and came out having seen every single interview and oops what have i done” but your thing is cool too !! lols

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Anonymous said: In 2011 I heard my cousin play literally 3 seconds of stole my heart and I was like this is sick af and I looked them up on tumblr and I fell in love with Louis' butt

louis butt can do that to ya

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