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234 reasons why i believe in larry stylinson

this is a list of reasons i believe in larry. if you look at each of these things individually, they obviously prove nothing and/or can be considered platonic. but to me, putting all this stuff together proves larry. some of these are subjective so take them as you want! the first part is elounor/cover stuff, the next is gayish stuff, the third is relationship stuff. as i see/find more things they’ll be added at the very end! ~ enjoy!
edit november 2013: hey guys! a lot of these links dont work because the original poster changed their url or the picture/video got deleted, so sorry about that! one of these days i’ll go through and update it.
  1. liam subtley referring to eleanor as ‘special guest’ (x) at 1:06
  2. louis doesn’t know the anniversary of elounor, one of many (x) 2:38
  3. louis doesn’t even like coffee but goes to starbucks a lot (x)
  4. eleanors cousin saying eleanor and louis knew each other before txf (x)
  5. "you grew a beard" talks with zayn (also talking about zerrie haha) (x)
  6. how elounor act when they think they’re not being watched (x)
  7. france, not allowed to take pics unless you call paps (deleted analysis)
  8. situation comparison to lance bass (x)
  9. publicist max clifford is associated with MM (x, x)
  10. "wiping of my beard" lyric change (x)
  11. "you’ve had a beard for a long time" - watch harrys reaction (x)
  12. louis doesnt smile genuinely with eleanor (x)
  13. paps admitting these were set up (x, x)
  14. eleanor facebook messages (x)
  15. rebecca ferguson / louis tweets (x)
  16. elounor is staged (x)
  17. elounor’s publicized relationship (x)
  18. harry’s doubletake when louis kissed eleanor on the head (x) at 1:55
  19. harry doesn’t follow eleanor on twitter even though he “set them up” (x)
  20. how eleanor and louis met - lies/confusion/no real story (x, x) at 4:40
  21. eleanors birthday publicity (x, x)
  22. first elounor kiss after one year, super awkward (x)
  23. harrys gayish tweets / some about larry (x, x, x)
  24. most romantic thing done for a “girl” [doesn’t say girl] (x, x) at 0:10 + 3:05
  25. harry uses gender neutral terms (x)
  26. john barrowman the gayest gay of all the gays implies louis is gay (x)
  27. start tattoos and gayness (x
  28. the interview with jonathan pierce (x)
  29. louis said he hooked up with / dated guys on his bebo (x)
  30. statement from someone in the industry (x)
  31. a lawyer on larry (x)
  32. harrys moms best friend say louis sucks dick (x)
  33. caroline joking that nick and harry slept together (x)
  34. harrys face when asked ‘when was the last time you kissed a girl’ (x)
  35. harry says “hold a conversation with him” (x) at about 3:50
  36. harry’s love is equal shirt (x
  37. goes to gay bar, shows support of gay community (x, x)
  38. louis also goes to gay clubs (x)
  39. sam doesn’t question when grimmy implies harry is gay (x) 5min
  40. louis face when harry says ‘i like girls’ (x)
  41. harry doesn’t care if he’s called gay / doesnt deny it (x)
  42. in this interview harry says he can “go both ways” (x, need translation!) 
  43. seems like zayn is lying about this, harry says nothing (x)
  44. they’ve never said they were straight or denied being gay
  45. they share clothes in general (x)
  46. louis said that he’d marry harry (x) at 3:10
  47. first cooking experience w/ harry [‘most romantic thing ever done’] (x)
  48. an almost kiss (x)
  49. harry stares at louis lips (x, xx)
  50. "haven’t you kissed?" they’re obviously lying (x, x)
  51. harry leans in to kiss louis then catches himself (x) at about 2:44
  52. niall says harry and louis are together (xx)
  53. whispering and touching (x, xx)
  54. harry quick to deny narry kiss but not larry kisses (x)
  55. harry and louis favorite song by ed sheeran is kiss me (x, x)
  56. biology of larry (x)
  57. "wouldn’t be trying to hide smth" & dont make a fuss of other ships (x)
  58. jay, louis mom ships it - only a few examples (x)
  59. matching ugg boots (x
  60. hi tattoo in louis’ handwriting (x
  61. harrys mom is quick to crush rumors of harry with girls (x)
  62. best friends from the start (x)
  63. harry talks to gemma about larry (x)
  64. maz (liams friend) ships larry (x)
  65. wont stop til we surrender tattoo (x)
  66. harry does what louis says #whipped (x)
  67. maybe harry sex hair lol (x)
  68. instinctively wanting to confort each other (x)
  69. psychologist on human behavior (x)
  70. these are loving stares (x)
  71. kissy faces when he thought there were no cameras (x)
  72. niall points to haz and looked at lou when he sang “he looks at you” (x)
  73. staring.. all the time (x)
  74. nicknames seriously omg ‘hazza, sunshine, boobear, lou’ (x, x, x, x)
  75. stands up for harry “dont put youself down” (x)
  76. harry says he would kiss adele, harry apologizes to lou (x)
  77. 'any secrets youd like to confess' he looks at louis (x)
  78. louis says he’s starting to like tats maybe bc of harry (x) at 10:25
  79. niall should stop being obvious (x)
  80. not being faithful on tour, harry being obvious (x)
  81. touches when they think no ones looking, one of many (x)
  82. status on zayns fb after rebecca tweets impied lou was hiding smth (x)
  83. harrys back hurts, nialls gesture to larry (looking for gif/video)
  84. smiling when talking about larry stylinson (x)
  85. leeds bracelet, it obviously means something (x)
  86. lottie doesn’t deny larry (x)
  87. louis thanks harry in newspaper (x)
  88. niall knows. he just does. one of many instances (x)
  89. harry loves louis shirt (x)
  90. hug picture, seriously thats not platonic (x)
  91. picture on subway (x)
  92. 'id definitely date louis' (x) at about 11:40
  93. lou says he gave harry a lovebite - liams face / harrys staring (x) 6min
  94. "are you and louis dating" - "yeah" (x) at 1min
  95. "mouth whispering" *cough* kissing *cough* (x)
  96. "platonic" ass grabs (x, x)
  97. wellington kiss and daniel panter (x, x)
  98. harry took over the hits radio and this was on his playlist (x)
  99. blindgossip article & newspaper bravery (x)
  100. harry asks louis “are you bi” (x)
  101. harry forgets hes supposed to be single (x) at 0:10
  102. harrys first real crush was louis tomlinson (x)
  103. liam says “you are, though” at “people genuinely think” (x) at 4:30
  104. 'a lot of things people dont find out about' oh okay (x)
  105. louis cut off the neck of his shirt, harry wore it on his wrist (x)
  106. he wouldn’t say that “louis let himself go” (x) at 8:40
  107. 'can i give you a blowjob?' because thats not gay at all (x) at 3:10
  108. emily ostily said larry is real (x)
  109. how this guy was at new years party and saw “mega man love” (x, x)
  110. them and their moms follow the larry stylinson twitter (x)
  111. louis gave harry a ring on valentines day (x)
  112. jizz jeans.. seriously (x)
  113. holding hands in the airport in france (x)
  114. harry picked lou as his valentine out of anyone in the world (x) at 0:50 
  115. niall’s - “you two are so cute” zayn - “you are quite cute” (x) at 0:55
  116. their bears at their flat (x)
  117. #welivetogetherdealwithit (x)
  118. facebook pic of them at leeds & said “yea my bf’s hot too” (x)
  119. "kiss me you fool" (x) at 0:45 
  120. kiss on cheek (x)
  121. subtle hand holding nbd (x, x)
  122. jumping into each others arms when they barely know each other (x)
  123. matching blankets (x)
  124. lou winks at haz after talking about their “bromance” (x) part 3
  125. reg signal - lover (xxxx)
  126. secret signal - my lover (x)
  127. sexual innuendos, one OF MANY (x)
  128. australia kiss on cheek (x)
  129. date in new york city (x
  130. they’ve never denied it (x)
  131. mario kart interview (they’re talking about sex), watch zayn (x) at 5:35
  132. some people interpret “copian” as boyfriend (x) at 0:20
  133. dinner dates from ct (x)
  134. dinner date in manchester (x)
  135. chicago kiss (x)
  136. he was about to hold his arm dont even lie (x)
  137. lovebites right after eleanor leaves (x)
  138. lovebites in general (xx)
  139. uh the fact that louis clearly gets boners around harry (x, x)
  140. harry’s possessiveness / jealousy (x, x)
  141. x-factor two people sleeping together same gender (x)
  142. louis staring + harry hand (x)
  143. literally can’t be appart (x)
  144. sing meaningful lyrics to each other (x, x, x)
  145. harry points at louis during ‘everything about you’ (x)
  146. sharing water bottles (x)
  147. hearteyes okay (x, x)
  148. kiss/love bite during interview (x)
  149. louis would have a crush on harry (x) at 1:40
  150. went to leeds together and shared a tent (x)
  151. hey always pair up for rooms in hotels - other boys have own rooms
  152. larry outing stories/sightings (x
  153. apparently they weren’t supposed to be on twitcam together (x)
  154. this locked article published on dec. 6th 2010 (xx)
  155. harry gets physically upset when they have to lie/deny larry (x)
  156. harry instinctively goes up to hold louis’ hand (x)
  157. harrys new ‘i can’t change…’ tattoo (x)
  158. quotes like these.. “tell the truth but act like you’re joking” (x)
  159. harry sometimes has ‘L’ written on his hands (x)
  160. act extremely cuddly/close when they think there are no cameras (x)
  161. niall uses this shit as blackmail (x)
  162. secretly hold hands on stage (x)
  163. harry gets off to gay porn apparently so there’s that (x
  164. acting close even before they were in a band together (x
  165. harrys reaction after louis says he’d struggle with harry for the night (x
  166. joshypoo doesn’t deny larry (x) at 2:18ish 
  167. dont kid yourself, that’s a purple dildo (x) at 1:05
  168. louis only likes hugging harry oh well (x
  169. theories about new coat hanger tattoo (x)
  170. harry almost let his gay slip on radio yet again (x, x)
  171. oh anne stop being subtle you’re making it obvious! (x)
  172. "how’s eleanor?" "fine" dont get too excited, lou (x)
  173. sketchy elounor stuff.. the picture was planned (x)
  174. katy david from MM.. very interesting (x)
  175. ed kind of outed them in orlando(x)
  176. vma kiss (x, x)
  177. vma hug (/sobs) (x)
  178. louis said harry is good with his hands (x)
  179. liam might have outed them? (x)
  180. possible kiss, general closeness (x)
  181. ed outed them here too (x)
  182. touchy on mtv show (x)
  183. harry says his first crush is louis… again (x)
  184. larry on the actual album cover nbd (x)
  185. louis can’t properly hug harry on camera (mm!) (x)
  186. jay admits she tweets eleanor but texts harry (x)
  187. this can’t not be on this list sorry not sorry (x)
  188. nemi + boybanders are hiding a secret (x)
  189. harry hesitates to say hes single (x)
  190. louis likes bowties, harry smiles (x)
  191. he got the star filled!! (x)
  192. sneakily holding hands during the twitcam (x)
  193. zany confirmed larry still live together during twitcam (x) at 2:38
  194. lou confirmed he didn’t block ppl twitter during twitcam (x)
  195. niall gestures toward larry (x)
  196. sociologist on larry (x)
  197. louis licks harrys nose omfg (x)
  198. grimmy laughs when harry talks about girls (x)
  199. harry about to say boyfriend (x)
  200. louis coughs when harry talks about settling down (x)
  201. admiting elounor pictures were for publicity (x)
  202. "trying to walk" omg loius (x)
  203. liam and louis saying he’d be a lion with a beard (x)
  204. grimmy and example outing harry (x)
  205. louis trying not to smile wow seriously (x)
  206. she addressed this rumor like right after the pic was posted (x)
  207. a tweet of a friend of louis harry and stans (x)
  208. "how does louis like girls?" (x)
  209. harry visibly annoyed when he forgets he cant hold louis hand (x)
  210. they remember where specifically they met (x)
  211. harrys phone background picture is louis (x)
  212. this is just me tinhatting about the little things video (x)
  213. wagner tweet (x)
  214. liam louis and zayn went to a gay club (x)
  215. seriously if you dont believe at this point idek (x)
  216. harry on louis “THE RUMORS” (x)
  217. louis on harry “imagine how much” / “Hi!” (x)
  218. harrys swallow tattoos (x)
  219. secretly holding hands maybe? / harrys smile after (x, x)
  220. one of 1ds guitarists wearing a larry shirt (x)
  221. former beard of lance bass (x)
  222. tmz video about haylor its a PR stunt (x)
  223. "are you gonna have a beard like taylor? (x) at 2:20
  224. modest and twitter things (x)
  225. "liam" on twitter denying larry (x)
  226. idek anymore man (x)
  227. if you dont think haylor is a publicity stunt we have a problem (x)
  228. when harry says little things is his fave bc of lyrics (x)
  229. harry only has a celebrity crush on louis aww (x)
  230. update: haylors still fake ft. nick grimshaw(x)
  231. management gon’ find you (x)
  232. harry is jealous when aiden kisses lou (x)
  233. do you all want to have kids/get married? (x)
let me know if any are broken or dont work. i’ll be adding more reasons periodically as i find them/think of them or as they happen. if you think i should add any, message me with links! thanks guys! :)
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