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"reasons why elounor is real"

three people sent this to me (thank you!) and i was planning just to say something short but of course im incapable of doing that so here’s what i think about the “why elounor is real” post :)

okay so im actually extremely impressed someone took the time to do that.. i respect them so much for presenting their opinion like that because most of the time elounor shippers are like ‘omfg ur deluded they are having sex rn haha’ so yeah. good for that guy. major props.

anyway, i read the entire thing and considered everything he had to say since im open minded and actually have been waiting for an elounor analysis or anything other than ‘they’re real cuz they are ok stop ur ruining the fandom ugh’

but most of the reasons are still unconvincing at least for me. he does make some really good points but i feel like none of them are as solid as some of the proof we have for larry. 

point one: the privacy thing

i personally think the hq pictures are a big sign that elounor is fake. im sure liam and danielle go out in public just as much (or more) than elounor but we never get ANY pictures of them. they went out to the olympics together and you would think we’d get some hq pictures but we only got on extremely blurry picture of the back of them walking in a crowd.. so yeah. it all depends on what you think about this whole situation but i personally believe the hq pictures are because its for publicity basically. 

in the fist video i honestly dont hear “can you put that away please” but i’ll take the girls word for it since she was there and what not. it also doesn’t sound like louis at all.. but i think maybe the reason the camera was asked to be put away is that the paps take their pictures and then leave and louis didn’t want others recording them because they dont act coupley when paps aren’t around (LOL) but to be honest i dont know why he asked her to put it away but in no was is it proven to be because ‘he wanted a private date with her’ it could be anything, really. it could also be that MM probably doesn’t want them being filmed or photographed by anyone other than paps because MM is afraid that they wont be coupley enough or something. but yeah. its weird. now im not saying im completely sure on that, they could have been wanting a private date but idk for some reason i think its because of something else.

okay so the second video. this ones easier because its probably someone from MM and by him telling the girls not to tweet where they were, its probably because the paps weren’t there yet and they needed good shots before fans came around. seriously, im pretty sure this is why. the guy speaking sounded very official, someone who was watching them making sure no one was going to let it slip that elounor was there. also, the analysis guy says the guy asks them to not tweet because he wanted the date to be private but the guy in the video says NOTHING about not tweeting because he ‘wanted it to be a private date’ all we hear is “ladies, will you please do us a favor and not tweet about thi-” and it cuts off. in no way shape or form does that convey that it was because he wanted them to have a private date. they (MM probs) just doesn’t want elounor to be recorded by fans because they dont know how they’ll (lou and el) act when they think no one is watching (when paps aren’t around) and they dont want anything to be filmed that proves they’re not dating (imo at least) and thats the same with the first video. 

point two: the tweet

idk what to say about this.. this really isn’t an elounor proof point. just because she knows/doesn’t know about the beard thing doesn’t prove anything.. this isn’t solid larry proof either so yeah. moving on..

point three: the new elounor picture

idk if there are still people that thing their bodies were photoshopped together, but after some digging most larry shippers found the truth.. the picture IS photoshopped, but only a little. they DID take the picture together, they were both there, its real, but they edited louis to make his body look better. again: most larry shippers agree that the picture itself is in fact real- but they DID edit louis’ body to make him look more fit (which pisses me off but thats another story) [and the thing about louis exercising and losing his tummy because of tour, um no, its still there we have pictures. tummy is still there. tummy will always be there.] elounor have so many awkward pictures together and this isn’t an exception… it isn’t really an elounor proof point~

also: the one with louis touching eleanors ass.. okay i really didn’t want to point this out but there are like a trillion picture of harry and louis touching each others asses, even worse than that. his hand is just placed there.. harry and lou literally sometimes squeeze each others ass cheeks okay. unfortunately by bringing that picture up it just proves larry more than elounor to me haha. because if louis can touch his best friends ass that much, he surely would touch his girlfriend’s just as much? you would think, right..

point four: heart eyes

everyone has a different definition of “heart eyes” so this point is EXTREMELY subjective. extremely. yes, they might all give each other ‘heart eyes’ to you, but to me there is a fine line between heart eyes and im looking at you because you’re talking eyes and i admire you in a platonic way eyes. i personally see the difference but some people think all “heart eyes” are the same. again, what some people believe are heart eyes, others dont at all. and some people think that all ‘staring/looking’ equals heart eyes (which i think is the case for the analysis guy). this point cant really be proof because its literally as subjective as it gets. 

point five: “happy together” pictures

this is again an extremely subjective point.. what some people would consider happy, others dont. most of these are borderline and could go either way, in my opinion. i’ll explain some here so you guys can hear my opinion. (note: its my opinion, and again its subjective. people are going to take these “happy together” pictures differently)~

the first one: louis and zayn are smiling, eleanor looks weird. they’re probably laughing at something.. el and lou aren’t even standing next to each other. and to be honest, this picture proves zeleanor more than elounor. 

the gif: haha okay well i think louis is laughing because shes a beard and they all know that and like to poke fun at it. especially zayn in the back. for me his face just gives it away. this one is probably the one that can be taken the most ways. its all up to what you personally think, honestly. 

the france airport pictures: funny that he included the ONLY two that look like they’re in an actual relationship. are we just going to pretent [this one] doesn’t exist? because it does. and its hilarious. not to mention all the other awkward ones taken on that day.. 

the other airport picture: in which louis can’t even put his guitar down to hug the girl he’s “in love” with.. oh and also shall i point out that it looks like theres a hand on her cheek? so he wasn’t actually kissing her face.. and if he was, it doesn’t look like a kiss. to me it looks more like a raspberry. like what people do to babies bellies.. 

the other out and about pictures: yeah they’re smiling, yeah they’re happy, but have you heard of acting? having a beard is acting- and louis is good at it. if he looked pissed all the time obviously people would realize the truth. [heres] a good way to tell if louis is smiling genuinely or not. this is scientific stuff, its not made up. some pictures his smile might be real, but some look forced according to that analysis. anyway, it seems like they’re friends. friends go out and act happy together, because friends ARE happy together. if you detach their hands (which, omg dont even get me started on how awkward their hand holding is..) than they look like best friends. seriously. the two where they’re hugging, yeah, that could be a little more than friendship, but to me those poses look really unnatural and forced. but again with this, its all subjective, so it depends what you personally see in the pictures. even if they were genuinely hugging, a couple hugs doesn’t prove a relationship..


so its clear that most of the points are up to ones own interpretation.. almost all reasons for elounor are subjective other than the fact that according to the media “louis tomlinson and eleanor calder are dating”

but to me, it just seems like most of the larry proof is solid stuff. yeah, SOME of it’s subjective, but some definitely isn’t and it seems like elounor shippers ignor all the hardcore larry evidence. for example the “my lover” signal. why would two platonic friends sign in sign language “my lover” to each other? im going to ignore the normal “lover” one, but how can you read this: (click) and think they’re doing anything but saying that they are lovers. seriously, if you’re an elounor shipper, please come to me and explain what you think it means because im pretty sure no one would be able to justify how they think this action proves that they are still “just friends”~


so there! thats what i think about that analysis. and again, i completely respect this person for actually taking the time to do something like that and proving to me that maybe not all elounor shippers are mean and crazy. at least he took the time to present his opinions in a civil manner. larry shippers make analyses, elounor shippers deserve to as well. 

and for anyone sending him hate, seriously, please stop. most of his points are subjective so his reasons behind shipping elounor are justified. just because someone has a different opinion than you doesnt mean they’re wrong, it just means they think something else.

at least respect this person and maybe even thank him for being nice about why he ships elounor instead of wishing death upon larry shippers because it seems thats all elounor shippers do these days.

and again im so happy someone actually did that! ive been waiting for a sane elounor shipper to present their opinion and i was happy to read it and consider it.

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